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Happiness = :)


Scott Adams' Happiness Formula. Taken from this blog post:




:) = Health + Money + Social Life + Meaning


(Please don't edit this formula)



The Happiness Formula is a simple formula for troubleshooting your life and improving your happiness. As stated by Scott Adams in his blog, the Happiness Formula "describes a way to get you to your own best happiness potential." Originally, Scott envisioned publishing this formula as a book, but thought it would be too short; he suggested a wiki instead, and here we are.


The highest priorities appear first (leftmost) in the formula. For example, in the Formula shown above, Health is a higher priority than Money, which is a higher priority than Social Life, etc.


Each component of the "main" happiness formula links to nested formulas, that further explain each component of happiness. This continues until we reach a point where we can give practical advice about a specific component. Each page of this wiki contains a formula that describes a component of happiness, or practical advice related to one of the many, many components.


The happiness formula is not a tool to actually calculate, measure, or compare your happiness to anyone elses; instead, you can use it to explore your own cirumstances, and potentially find ways to increase the amount of happiness in your life.



"I think it’s fair to say that the Happiness Formula describes a way to get you to your own best happiness potential"

- Scott Adams




Alternative Formulae


All of the various alternatives previously specified here have been moved to the new Alternatives page. Let us keep this page relatively "pure" with what Scott Adams originally stated, and above all, don't edit or extend the above forumla.


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