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Meaningful Personal Connection

Page history last edited by Scott Tietjen 13 years, 1 month ago

Meaningful Personal Connections = Family Connections + Close Friends + Sexual Fulfillment



 Meaningful Personal Connections are an important aspect of your Social Life.




But, since time is not unlimited, there are limits:


Family Connections + Close Friends + Career = 1.75


That is, you can have a full family life, a good social life, if you don't have a Career.

You can have a full career, but at the expense of Family and/or Friends.


The 1.75 number is arguable; some will set it as 2.00 ("Family, Friends, Career - pick any two"), but I don't think it's quite that high.


Also, as part of the equation balancing:Income = f(Career)


Recognize, too, that "Career" is not the same as "Job".


 Meaningful Personal Connections is a component of SocialLife, which includes the notion of Free Time, which takes Work Time into account.  we don't need to include "career" here, as well, because it isn't really a component of socialLife>Meaningful Personal Connections; it will likely fit in much better under the "money" section.


also, while i like the notion of imposing a "balance" on the career/family/friends angle, it probably should be factored in much higher in the equation;  in fact, maybe the top level takes care of this already, by balancing Health, Money, SocialLife, and Meaning.  I think that one of the original tenants wasn't that you had to choose 2/3 or 3/4, but that the 4 major components of happiness had to be in balance. 



finally..... this conversation really should have taken place in the "comments" section.  if we want to continue to discuss this, the next change should be to delete all of this from this section, and pick up the conversation in the comments?




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