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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

 Downward facing Dog, upwards facing Cat. discuss.


Turning yourself upside down (Down Dog is like putting your butt at the bottom of an upside-down Vee) is astonishingly good for you. It's one of those positions that feels like nothing until you need it. Doing things that are good for you when you don't need them is a good way to never need them.


Cat: on hands and knees, nice and straight, and then you arch your back like an upside down U. Feels marvelous. Then you can round yourself the other way to try to make a rightside up U with your head and your rump while on your hands and knees. This is very similar for your back to the belly dancing exercise where you stand completely still and do not move your legs or hips, but move your ribs forward, back, and around the sides. You're much more flexible than you imagine!


I walked and walked and walked and didn't lose any weight, but then I undertook a regular program of yoga (at the Flagstaff Athletic Center East in Flagstaff, Arizona, what a wonderful, marvelous, life-improving place) and somehow became much thinner, stronger, healthier and happier.


I only wish there were more flexible, wonderful places like FACE/FACW in the world, so everybody could be that fit.


I digressed. Sorry. Yoga: stretching gently and quietly not just strengthens and balances your body, it seems to strengthen your mind. While you are leaning to the left, noticing the pull in your hamstring, or twisting to reach your left arm under your body from a hands/knees position, you really only think about the physical movement. This empties your mind. That is good.


Speaking of twisting, the various twisting poses of yoga are excellent for your digestion.


Why doesn't the government put more funding into things like wonderful athletic centers that everyone will want to go to, instead of health care? How many digestive problems could have been averted if people had been doing yoga daily? How many cancers would have been averted if people had taken time to meditate? Lots.


The costs of yoga: you know, you don't need fancy equipment. A floor space 6 feet by 3 feet is all the space you actually need. Even Japanese apartments have that much space.

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